Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Star Letter 1

This is my first ever Star Letter from Overdrive. It wasn't too easy to get this! (it can't be easy as Overdrive gives away a top-notch helmet worth about 2500 bucks for a Star Letter!) The Tata One-Lakh Car has been the hottest topic in the Indian Automobile industry for some time now. So I thought why not give a few design directions with regards to the engine, the powertrain, the body panels, the suspension etc. of the car all the while having an eye on keeping the costs down. I also tried to lavish some attention on the materials used that, I thought, would be suitable for the ultra low cost car. Automobile manufacturers around the globe adopt "parts sharing" to reduce development costs (example, Maruti has taken the Swift's steering wheel and gear knob and put it straight into the SX4). Following the same, I borrowed quite a few parts from Tata's own parts bin to spare the company of development costs.

It took me about 45 minutes to jot down the points which I later managed to put into proper sentences. Don't miss their (Overdrive's) comment about my concept! (It's there below my name.)

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Chandrasekharan said...

Congrats... very happy to see you getting oppurtunities to exhibit and enhance your automobile interest...