Saturday, December 29, 2007


The posts in this category are thanks to Chandru who reminded me of this fantastic sporting category. First up, let me start with the basics.

A kart is a four-wheeler, just like the normal cars we've on the roads, except that they are puny and sit very low on ground--when you stand beside it, the highest point on the kart will be below your ankle. They can seat only one person and they're usually powered by small two-stroke engines that produce something like 5-50 hp, the exact figure varying between karts. Some of the more powerful carts (used in competitions) have a top whack of about 80kph. They've just two pedals, a throttle and a brake pedal operating the rear disc and they don't have a gear box.

Karts were conceived to help kids, aspiring for a career in motor sport, hone their skills. You might think that owing to their minuscule dimensions and a feeble engine, karts are too easy to drive. But the exact opposite is true of them. It's easy to drive them. But quite another thing to drive them fast. More on them in the next article.


Chandrasekharan said...

cool... i have heard (from u and others) that karting is a kind of entertainment stuff in many places... My question is that, does that have anythin to do with core racing... is it an entry point or some thing?

Chandrasekharan said...

i have heard of some karting races also... does it serve as an entry point to other races?