Sunday, December 21, 2008


It's been a long long time since my last post and it was when I was in India. Being used to small cars (as it turned out) the American automobiles gave me a bit of "man, that is b-i-g!" sort of feeling. Check out the Toyota Tundra pickup if you want to know what I'm trying to say. The speeds these guys do in the highways ("freeways" in US speak) is just...well, you can do Trichy-Madras distance in 3 hours. The traffic is so disciplined that drivers don't need to anticipate and prepare for things in advance, as we guys do in India. If 3 lanes are merging to 2 lanes, you'll be cautioned 2 miles ahead!


Chandrasekharan said...

nice to see ur comeback! the drivers in India have no road sense whatsoever!!!

S R I R A M said...

But we're better prepared for eventualities; what say?