Sunday, August 19, 2007

2010 Supercar in 2007 (1)

The Ferrari Enzo rewrote the record books for the most phenomenal track car ever to have graced the roads. Of course, the Bugatti Veyron has long since taken the spotlight from the Enzo. But, Ferrari is all set to rewrite (again) the standards. In the name of the Ferrari FXX. Most don't like the name FXX. But I love it. The name being so short, gives a sense of fear. To me atleast. How about an ex-F1 Ferrari V12 block in the back of your car? That's exactly what the FXX is about. It makes an absolutely stunning 850 bhp from 6.2 litres. No, this engine is not blown. Believe it or not, it's a naturally aspirated unit. The specific output is in the region of some 140 bhp / litre. Compare this to 125 bhp / litre of the quad turbo W16 (W16!!) of the Veyron, or to the Mercedes V8 in the amazing McLaren SLR (that's supercharged) whose number stands at somewhere around the 115 mark. I am not degrading these two engines. These two are engineering marvels. But, I just wanted to put it into perspective as to how much the Ferrari engineers are pushing the envelope.

More about the FXX in the second instalment of 2010 Supercar in 2007.


Srivaths said...

Impressive Srinath. Waiting to hear more.

Actually, I would like to know about how HONDA/TOYOTA incorporates F1 technology or things learnt from F1 into their normal street cars.

Hope to learn more.

Sriram said...

Actually Srivaths, I am pleasantly surprised that you've visited this blog! Hope to share what I know about the incorporation of F1 tech in road cars (this we call, track to road!) in the near future at WheelsofRam.