Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Redlines at 9K but revs to 12K!

I am talking about the amazing TVS Apache RTR 160. TVS has done a marvellous job to give the biking enthusiasts something that hasn't been done by any other manufacturer. They've proved yet again that they are a true engineering company. Not someone who churns out bike after bike shamelessly calling them "All New" while infact the only R&D that went into those bikes is a stickering job. Not a bit more. Take a sneak preview at the over-square TVS engine. It makes a superb 15 odd bhp and more importantly revs to an insane 12000 rpm. Now, we normally associate this sort of revs to a Ducati or a Honda (mind you, I mentioned Honda. It definitely doesn't include Hero Honda). They reckon that the 160 cc jem builds up revs in a creamy smooth manner. But would you care about vibrations when you are wringing the hell out of an engine well above it's red line that begs to be revved hard, really hard? I would not. The seductive piling up of revs in each gear will suffice.

Take those brakes. A 270mm disc that is far, very far from being associated with any of the other units available in an Indian bike. It's a Petal disc! The TVS boffins've stretched innovative thinking to an unimaginable extent. Seriously. Think about this. The Petal disc was so painfully designed and crafted so that the brake disc will run 6 degrees cooler! 6 degrees? We probably may wonder if there's any difference at all this 6 degrees is going to make. It does. The levels of feedback and progression that this unit gives back to the rider thro' that stunning alloy brake lever is mind boggling. Not to leave out the braking distance which is the shortest in its class! Is there anything more that one can ask for? I am floored. Come to think of this. Even the 200 DTSi employs only a 260 mm disc! I don't care a heck about whether the switch gear in my bike is back lit or not. I don't give a thought as to whether it has a wolf eye or any eye at all. All I crave for is my bike's engine, it's handling, it's braking and it's racing pedigree.

All the above are provided only by the RTR. No other bike will suffice me.

TVS, hat's off to you. No amount of appreciation will equal your tremendous work. Don't care about the numbers. Let some one else take care of churning out endless variants of a 2 decade old bike. Don't you care about that. Continue doing what you are doing now. You will always have the support from people who only care about things that really matter. You will always have the support from people who care about the amount of engineering expertise that has gone into their wheels. You always will have the support from people who can appreciate innovation. Roll on, TVS!

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