Saturday, August 11, 2007

First Ride in Swift VDi

Today I had the opportunity to ride in a brand new scarlet Swift Diesel courtesy my close friend. It was a 2 km ride in the city roads. The first thing that became apparent the moment I stepped into the seat was its good interior quality. The dashboard plastic has a nice texture and the most welcome aspect of it is that it's not shiny as some of the other cars' are. You can barely tell that it's a diesel unit powering the hatch (especially from the inside of the car). The driveablility of the car seems to be very good as at one point we were puttering around at about 30 kph in third gear @ 1250 rpm (just over the idling speed. Shows the incredible tractability of the turbo unit!) with no unnerving vibrations. When the accelerator was pushed a little bit, a good firm shove in the back was easily forthcoming.
I liked the seat fabric material and it had good support though I didn't get to sample the rear seat. The high profile tyres (aspect ratio: 80, 14 inch steel wheels) did a commendable job in filtering out road imperfections and even big bumps at crawling speeds were dispatched with no qualms whatsoever. The body feels well put together and the doors close with a firm thud characteristic of well-built German cars.
My friend reckons that the engine feels very powerful and that the car is a hoot to drive (mind you, this comes from a guy who drives a Toyota Innova as well).
More info about the car will be posted in future.


chandru said...

hey man... ur observatory skills amaze me... keep rockin da


Sriram said...

Dear Chandru,
You are being very generous with your praise!

Yuppie said...

hmm is it a turbo... i think its normally aspurated and de turbo one i bein worked on for de sx4... plz chk and reply

Sriram said...

I can confirm that the 1.3 litre unit in Swift is a turbo unit. However, it's not a VGT. BTW, who's that?