Monday, November 05, 2007

F12006 Screenshots (1)

I've been talking to you about the game I love most - F12006 - quite a bit. Now I just thought that I should put here the pictures I grabbed from the game - pictures of my overtaking maneuvers on other cars, for you to see. Hope you find them interesting.

The pictures (frames) are all consecutive; the second picture follows the first one and so on.

Frame 1:

I'm driving the Ferrari (as Michael Schumacher) and the Renault is driven by Fernando Alonso. In the frame above, I've just managed to get a good exit from the left hand first gear corner that precedes the place of the cars above. Owing to that, I am hot on the Renault's gearbox trying to find a way past. The next corner is a first gear right hander. We'll see what happens.

Frame 2:

Yes! I've successfully managed to find a way past the Renault in this corner. Not too difficult though - just kept on to the inside line and braked a bit on the limit, using the engine braking to the max and got a nice clean exit.

BTW, this track is the one in which Kimi was crowned World Champion - Interlagos. Read about my love affair with this track here.


Chandrasekharan said...

cool pics

Rajesh said...

very nice... with this, everyone know ur depth of knowledge in automotive

S R I R A M said...

Rajesha, there is nothing like that.