Saturday, November 03, 2007

Verna in the Getz

Before you start to get puzzled, let me make it clear. The Hyundai Getz gets a Verna, er, the Verna's engine. It's not your run-of-the-mill engine plonked into the engine bay. Fancy the fantastic, faster-than-the-petrol guzzlers, 1.5 l, 110 bhp, 235 Nm CRDi VGT lump? Spot on. The Getz gets the exact same engine as the Verna diesel. This engine makes the Getz CRDi miles faster than the Swift diesel, which, in its own right is a great car. The Swift DDiS will simply struggle to keep up with the tail of the Getz CRDi come drag race, which is not surprising at all considering that the 1.3 Multijet unit of the Swift makes around about 40 horses less in comparison to the Getz engine. The Hyundai engine has the measure of the Fiat lump in the torque rating as well. 235 vs 190 odd.

If I'm given a choice between these two brilliant hatches, I would most happily go in for the Hyundai. Its road manners is on par with the Swift, it looks just right for me and most importantly it does a nought to hundred in 11 seconds flat - two whole seconds faster than the Maruti. Bolt a set of sticky Michelin 205 tyres, fit a K&N filter complete with the intake duct assembly and allow the engine to roar better with a free flow exhaust. One second shaved off. That'll do for me.

The Ultimate Hot Hatch. And frugal at that. Brilliant.


Chandrasekharan said...

interesting... is there any change in the price of GETZ... what mileage does it give

S R I R A M said...

The Getz is 50,000 bucks costlier than the Swift (in the same trim levels). Mileage is a bit lower than the Swift but the margin is not huge to write home about.

Anonymous said...
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